i'm quite boring.I guess now that I'm addicted to tumblr I'll actually fill this out. The names Cydnei. I go to Penn State. Sculpture major. Like to keep things chill and fun. Rugby. Pittsburgh. Art. Hula hooping.


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come what may // ewan mcgregor & nicole kidman

listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?
telling me to give you everything
seasons may change, winter to spring
but i love you until the end of time

the l word meme: [3/7] pairings: Bette and Tina
"I’ve always been in love with her."

They belong together. They always have.

This is my favorite

I fucked up, I did not fuck off. I did not leave. I am still here.

Bette Porter, the L word (via lifeaccordingtocur)